CA Gov't Code Section 16753


Each bid at a competitive sale shall be submitted to the Treasurer in the form and by the means specified by the Treasurer by public announcement.


Each proposal for purchase of bonds in a negotiated sale shall be made in a bond purchase contract or similar agreement approved by the Treasurer.
(c)(1)The Treasurer shall require that each bidder in a competitive sale or underwriter in a negotiated sale provide a good faith deposit of at least one-half of 1 percent of the principal amount of the bonds for which the bidder or underwriter submits a bid or proposal. The good faith deposit shall be based upon the principal amount of bonds offered for sale in the amount that has been publicly announced at least one day prior to receipt of bids for a competitive sale, or in the amount that is reasonably determined by the Treasurer at least one day prior to a negotiated sale of bonds. The Treasurer shall specify the form of the deposit, which may be a cashier’s check, a surety bond, a wire transfer of funds, or a combination thereof. The deposit shall not bear interest.


This subdivision shall apply only to bonds sold with a fixed interest rate.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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