Section 16480.1

There is hereby created a Pooled Money Investment Board, which shall consist of the Controller, Treasurer and Director of Finance. The Pooled Money Investment Board shall meet at least once in every three months and shall designate at least once a month the amount of money available under this article for investment in securities authorized by Article 1 of this chapter, or in deposits in banks and savings and loan associations, or in loans to the General Fund and the type of investment or deposit.
The Pooled Money Investment Board may increase the amount of surplus money normally available for time deposits with the express purpose of placing this money in banks that are members of a California job development corporation and who have made loans to such a corporation or to corporation-approved borrowers.
For the purpose of this article, a written determination signed by a majority of the members of the Pooled Money Investment Board shall be deemed to be the determination of the board.
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