CA Gov't Code Section 15920

Duly authorized team members listed in subdivision (a) of Section 15914 may exchange intelligence, data, documents, information, complaints, or lead referrals for the purpose of investigating criminal tax evasion associated with underground economic activities. Any member or ex-member of the team, any agent employed by any agency listed in subdivisions (a) and (b) of Section 15914, or any person who has at any time obtained such knowledge from any of the foregoing agencies or persons shall not divulge, or make known in any manner not provided by law, any of the confidential information received by, or reported to, the team. Information exchanged pursuant to this section shall retain its confidential status and shall remain subject to the confidentiality provisions contained in the following provisions:


California Health and Human Services Agency: Subdivision (c) of Section 6254 of this code and Section 14100.2 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.


Department of Consumer Affairs: Section 30 of the Business and Professions Code and Section 56.29 of the Civil Code.


Department of Industrial Relations: Sections 11181, 11183, and 15553 of this code, Article 7 (commencing with Section 1877) of Chapter 12 of Part 2 of Division 1 of the Insurance Code, and Sections 92, 138.7, 1026, 3762, 6309, 6322, 6396, and 6412 of the Labor Code.


Department of Insurance: Section 11180 of this code and Sections 1872.6, 1873, 1874.2, 1875.1, 1877.1, 1877.3, 1877.4, and 1877.5 of the Insurance Code.


Department of Justice: Section 11183.


Department of Motor Vehicles: Sections 1808.2, 1808.4, 1808.5, 1808.6, 1808.21, 1808.24, and 12800.5 of the Vehicle Code.


Employment Development Department: Sections 1094 and 1095 of the Unemployment Insurance Code.


Franchise Tax Board: Sections 19542, 19542.1, and 19542.3 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.


State Board of Equalization: Section 15619 of this code, Section 42464.8 of the Public Resources Code, and Sections 7056, 7056.5, 8255, 9255, 9255.1, 30455, 38705, 38706, 43651, 45981, 45982, 45983, 45984, 46751, 50159, 50160, 50161, 55381, 60608, and 60609 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.
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