CA Gov't Code Section 15901


The Governor, utilizing his staff and the resources of state agencies, shall transmit to the Legislature, not later than April 15 of each year, an economic report to be designated as the “Economic Report of the Governor” setting forth all of the following:


A review of economic developments during the preceding calendar year, including trends in employment, unemployment, income, construction, and major economic sectors providing a measure of economic growth.


Forecasts of trends in employment, income, and investment for the coming year and trends in such major economic sectors as it is feasible to project.


Additional material on the California economy that is pertinent and of general interest, with historical analysis and projections of use in economic planning whenever possible.


Insofar as possible, summaries of state policies and actions that relate to the economic development of the state pursuant to Section 15900.


In conjunction with the economic report, the Governor shall present an economic message reviewing significant economic achievements of the past year, outlining problem areas, and defining economic policy, and shall make recommendations as may be appropriate for programs to further economic development to increase employment, income, and investment in the state.


The Governor may transmit from time to time to the Legislature, reports supplementary to the economic report, providing information on the current status of the California economy and any new or revised recommendations as he deems necessary or desirable to achieve the policy declared in Section 15900.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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