CA Gov't Code Section 15832

Upon receipt of a resolution of the board authorizing the issuance of bonds, the Treasurer shall provide for their preparation in accordance with the resolution. The bonds authorized to be issued shall be sold by the Treasurer, at public sale or at private sale, as directed by the board. In the case of public sale, (1) the bonds shall be sold by the Treasurer, at such time as may be fixed by him or her, and upon such notice as he or she may deem advisable, upon bids submitted to the Treasurer in the form and by the means specified by the Treasurer, to the bidder whose bid will result in the lowest interest cost on account of such bonds, and (2) if no bids are received, or if the Treasurer determines that the bids are not satisfactory, the Treasurer may reject all bids received, if any, and either readvertise or sell the bonds at private sale. For purposes of this chapter, the method for determining the lowest interest cost bid shall be determined by the Treasurer and shall be limited to either the net interest cost method or the true interest cost method determined by the bids as submitted in accordance with the notice of sale. The net interest cost of each bid shall be determined by ascertaining the total amount of interest that the state would be required to pay under that bid, from the date of the bonds to the respective maturity dates of the bonds then offered for sale, at the interest rate or rates specified in the bid, less the total amount of the premium, if any, or plus the total amount of the discount, if any, offered by the bid. The bid under which the amount ascertained is the least shall be deemed to be the bid resulting in the lowest net interest cost. Under the true interest cost method, the bonds shall be awarded to the bidder submitting the lowest interest rate bid determined by the nominal interest rate that, when compounded semiannually and used to discount the debt service payments on the bonds to the date of the bonds, results in an amount equal to the price bid for the bonds, excluding interest accrued to the date of delivery. Temporary or interim bonds, certificates, or receipts of any denomination whatever, to be signed by the Treasurer, may be issued and delivered until the definitive bonds are executed and available for delivery. Signature of the Treasurer may be by signature stamp.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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