CA Gov't Code Section 15820.901


The CDCR, a participating county, and the SPWB are authorized to acquire, design, and construct, a local jail facility approved by the Corrections Standards Authority (CSA) pursuant to Section 15820.906, or a site or sites owned by, or subject to a lease or option to purchase held by a participating county. The ownership interest of a participating county in the site or sites for a local jail facility must be determined by the SPWB to be adequate for purposes of its financing in order to be eligible under this chapter.


Notwithstanding Section 15815 of the Government Code, a participating county may acquire, design, or construct the local jail facility in accordance with its local contracting authority. Notwithstanding Section 14951, the participating county may assign an inspector during the construction of the project.


The CDCR, a participating county and the SPWB shall enter into a construction agreement for these projects that shall provide, at a minimum, performance expectations of the parties related to the acquisition, design, construction, or renovation of the local jail facility, guidelines and criteria for use and application of the proceeds of revenue bonds, notes, or bond anticipation notes issued by the SPWB to pay for the cost of the approved local jail facility project and ongoing maintenance and staffing responsibilities for the term of the financing.


The construction agreement shall include a provision that the participating county agrees to indemnify, defend, and save harmless the State of California for any and all claims and losses arising out of the acquisition, design, and construction of the project. The construction agreement may also contain additional terms and conditions that facilitate the financing by the SPWB.


The scope and cost of these approved local jail facility projects shall be subject to approval and administrative oversight by the SPWB.


For purposes of compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (Division 13 of the Public Resources Code (commencing with Section 210000)), neither the SPWB nor the CDCR shall be deemed a lead or responsible agency; the participating county is the lead agency.
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