CA Gov't Code Section 15819.95


The funds generated from the issuance of the bonds pursuant to Section 15819.90 shall be expended only upon receipt of the matching amount of federal funds from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The Director of Veterans Affairs shall notify the Chief Clerk of the Assembly, the Secretary of State, and the State Public Works Board in writing that the federal matching funds have been provided, and the Chief Clerk of the Assembly shall publish this notification in the Assembly Journal. The total amount of federal matching funds to be received is twenty-two million dollars ($22,000,000) for each of the second, third, and fourth sites, however, the entire amount does not need to be received prior to expenditure of the funds from the bond issuance authorized by Section 15819.90, if there has been a federal commitment to provide those matching funds. The board may allocate funds to the Department of Veterans Affairs for expenditures that are equal to a 35-percent portion of the total acquisition and construction costs.


This section shall be repealed on January 1 following certification to the Public Works Board by the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and with Department of Finance concurrence, that the construction project at Chula Vista is complete and that all accounting records are closed.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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