CA Gov't Code Section 15814.21


In addition to revenues calculated for apportionment to community college districts pursuant to Article 2 (commencing with Section 84750) of Chapter 5 of Part 50 of the Education Code, if a community college capital outlay project has been approved by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges, the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges shall apportion state aid equal to the amount necessary for each district to meet its energy service contract obligation determined pursuant to this chapter. It is the intent of the Legislature that these funds be appropriated annually as a part of the state’s general apportionment funds for the community colleges.


If a community college district enters into an energy service contract with the State Public Works Board pursuant to this chapter, the district, as a part of that energy service contract, shall authorize the chancellor and Controller to withhold from its annual apportionment the amount of funds necessary to satisfy its annual energy service contract obligation to the State Public Works Board. The agreement shall include authorization to withhold the additional apportionment amount and the amount determined to be the district’s proportional share of the energy service contract obligation as determined pursuant to subdivision (a). The authorization shall have precedence over other expenditure obligations of the district. The chancellor shall certify the amounts, by district, to the Controller. The Controller shall withhold the amount so reported for each district and, acting on behalf of each district, shall transfer the appropriate amount from Section B of the State School Fund to the State Public Works Board for the purpose of payment of the debt service obligation for the bonds sold to finance the projects.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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