CA Gov't Code Section 15814.12


Without obtaining the authorization required by Section 15808, the board may acquire, and engage in the construction of, cogeneration equipment, alternative energy equipment, or conservation measures, and any combination thereof, and enter into energy service contracts, at any structure, building, facility, site, or work used, owned or hereafter acquired by the state agency, including, but not limited to, the facilities of the California State University and Colleges, the Department of General Services, state prisons, hospitals, and other agencies and the community colleges, but only with the consent of the state agency.


No cogeneration equipment or alternative energy equipment or water conservation equipment shall be acquired or constructed, and no energy service contract shall be entered into, by the board unless it determines that the anticipated cost to the state agency purchasing thermal or electrical energy or water provided by the equipment or under an energy service contract has been found through life-cycle cost analysis to be cost effective over the life of the equipment installed or over the term of the energy service contract. Equipment, conservation measures, or energy service contracts shall be anticipated to provide cost savings to the state during the useful life of the equipment or conservation measures under Section 14684, Sections 14710 to 14713, inclusive, or Section 15814.30 of this code, under Section 25008 of the Public Resources Code, or under Section 388 of the Public Utilities Code.


Alternatively, the board may execute agreements to finance the construction of cogeneration equipment, alternative energy equipment, water conservation equipment, or conservation measures, and any combination thereof, by the state agency, including the University of California, to be owned by the state agency, in exchange for repayment of the financing and all costs and expenses related thereto from revenues resulting from sales of electricity or thermal energy or water from the facilities and measures or from funding which otherwise would have been used for purchase of electricity, water, and thermal energy required by the state agency but which is derived from the facilities and measures.


This section shall not prohibit, limit, or supersede more stringent green building requirements for any structure, building, facility, site, or work.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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