CA Gov't Code Section 15402

The State Public Defender may employ deputies and other employees, and establish and operate offices, as he or she may need for the proper performance of his or her duties. The State Public Defender may contract with county public defenders, private attorneys, and nonprofit corporations organized to furnish legal services to persons who are not financially able to employ counsel and pay a reasonable sum for those services pursuant to the contracts. He or she may provide for participation by those attorneys and organizations in his or her representation of eligible persons. The attorneys and organizations shall serve under the supervision and control of the State Public Defender and shall be compensated for their services either under those contracts or in the manner provided in Section 1241 of the Penal Code.
The State Public Defender may also enter into reciprocal or mutual assistance agreements with the board of supervisors of one or more counties to provide for exchange of personnel for the purposes set forth in Section 27707.1.
The office of the State Public Defender may hire 15 additional staff attorneys and the support staff necessary for proper implementation of Section 15421.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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