CA Gov't Code Section 15363.61


The Legislature finds and declares as follows:


The entertainment industry is one of California’s leading industries in terms of employment and tax revenue.


While film, television, and commercial production in California has expanded over the years, other states and countries actively compete for California production business. It is generally acknowledged that certain segments of the industry, mainly film and television production, are especially hard hit in California. The Legislature finds that this is due to assertive efforts of other states and countries, offering various incentives for filming outside of California. As a result of increased marketing efforts by other states and countries, unemployment in certain film industry sectors and a reduction of film business has occurred within California.


Recognizing the vital role the entertainment industry plays in California’s economy, legislation enacted in 1985 created the California Film Commission to facilitate, retain, and attract filming in California.


In order to stop the decline of California film production, it is necessary and appropriate to assist in the underwriting of actual costs incurred by production companies to film in California and to provide opportunities for production companies and other film industry companies to lease property owned by the State of California at below market rates.


Providing the funds designated under this program, and leasing property owned by the State of California at below market rates is in the public interest and serves a public purpose, and providing incentives to production companies and other film industry companies will promote the prosperity, health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the State of California.


It is the intent of the Legislature that, commencing with the 2002–03 fiscal year, funding for the program from the General Fund shall not exceed the General Fund funding level for the prior fiscal year.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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