CA Gov't Code Section 14999.20

The California Film Commission shall, with input from the motion picture industry and local and state government, develop and adopt a “model process for granting film permits.” The process shall contain but not be limited to the following provisions:


A designated person to deal with industry whose responsibilities shall include but not be limited to:


The attraction of motion picture production to the jurisdiction.


Assistance in expediting to the greatest extent possible the issuances of all use permits necessary for motion picture production.


Maximum time requirements to grant permits.


Permits shall be valid for the period of time necessary to film a specific shot or sequence of shots. Minor additions, corrections or alterations to a permit shall be made available by way of application for a “rider.” Significant changes to the original permit shall require a new permit application.


Coordinating of multijurisdictional filming.


A suggested fee schedule for motion picture permits which is reasonably related to the cost of providing services occasioned by motion picture production, including administrative, police, fire, sanitation, and other necessary services.


A uniform permit application-permit form.
If the California Film Commission has not adopted a model process for granting film permits by July 1, 1989, the existing “model film ordinance” and the uniform film permit application form drafted by the California Film Commission staff shall be used for the purposes of this chapter until the time as a model process is adopted.
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