CA Gov't Code Section 14905.1

The California State Library may enter into agreements with the appropriate state agencies of each of the 49 other states of the United States of America, to establish a program for the exchange of publications of legislative service agencies, other than publications of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee and of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee. The California legislative reports to be exchanged shall be selected by the State Librarian after consultation with, and subject to the approval of, the Joint Committee on Legislative Organization. The legislative research reports received from other states in exchange shall be made available by the California State Library to the California Legislature.
Prior to designation as an exchange agency, the state agency shall agree to provide adequate facilities for the storage and use of the publications, and must agree to render reasonable service in the use of the publications without charge to the legislature of that state and other qualified patrons.
The California State Library shall notify the appropriate state agency of each of the other states of the provisions of this section.
The additional number of copies of publications, not to exceed 100, needed to implement the program shall be printed or otherwise duplicated. The State Printer and the state legislative agencies upon notification of the need shall provide the designated number of publications.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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