CA Gov't Code Section 14846


(1)Using existing resources, each state agency shall consolidate its existing staff functions that relate to contract opportunities for small business into a single point of contact for small businesses and designate a small business advocate as a liaison to small business suppliers.


Each small business advocate shall, at a minimum, provide for both of the following:


Make information regarding pending solicitations available to, and consider offers from, California small business suppliers capable of meeting the state’s business need, and who have registered with the state for this purpose.


Ensure that payments due on a contract with a small business are made promptly, as provided for in Section 926.15 or 927, whichever applies.


This subdivision shall not apply to state agencies whose contracting expenditures total less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) annually.


Prior to placing orders under the California multiple awards schedule program, state agencies shall first consider offers from small businesses that have established multiple award schedules whenever practicable.


State agencies shall identify and implement innovative acquisition operating processes, including payment processes, and strategies for small business participation. To maximize the benefits, state agencies shall actively share information about these innovative processes with other state agencies.


State agencies shall prepare solicitations, and any related bid submission requirements, in a manner consistent with the scope, complexity, and anticipated cost of the acquisition. Where appropriate, state agencies shall provide bidders with simplified and streamlined tools and methods for responding to solicitations that allow bidders to efficiently, expeditiously, and cost-effectively respond to the contracting opportunity.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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