CA Gov't Code Section 14674


With the consent of the state agency concerned, the director may authorize the sale or exchange of any personal property which belongs to the state, if he or she deems the sale or exchange is in the best interests of the state.


All money received by a state agency for the sale of personal property, or surplus personal property pursuant to subdivision (c), shall be accounted for to the Controller, who shall remit the money to the fund or funds from which the state agency receives the majority of its support appropriation. The money may be made available by the Department of Finance for expenditure by the state agency in augmentation of its support appropriation subject to the requirements of Section 28.00 of the Budget Act.


Personal property which is identified by the Department of General Services as surplus to a state agency’s needs, the determination of which is concurred in by the state agency concerned, shall be sold or otherwise disposed of by the state agency within one year after that identification. The one-year time period for sale or disposition may be extended for good cause upon approval by the department. The proposed method of sale or disposition shall be subject to the approval of the department.


If the surplus personal property is not sold or otherwise disposed of within the one-year period or extension thereof, possession and control of the personal property shall vest in the department, which may then sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of the surplus personal property, as determined by the department to be in the best interests of the state. The proceeds from sales held by the department under this subdivision shall be deposited in the General Fund, less any amounts sufficient for the department to recover its costs.


Notwithstanding subdivisions (b) and (d), state personal property purchased with federal funds and later disposed of as surplus pursuant to this section shall be disposed of in accordance with federal requirements, including any requirement for remittance of the proceeds from those sales to the appropriate federal fund or agency. The Department of General Services, or the state agency concerned if it is holding the sale, may, however, if not precluded by federal law, deduct from the proceeds its costs for holding the sales.
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