CA Gov't Code Section 14524.16


The department shall, as part of the reports required pursuant to Sections 14524.15 and 14525.5, report on its costs of project development for all state transportation improvement program projects awarded during the previous fiscal year.


For purposes of this section, “costs of project development” includes all noncapital costs incurred by the department from completion of the project study report through the award of the construction contract.
The costs of project development include the prorated share of distributed departmental administration, as identified in the Governor’s proposed budget, attributable to these project development activities. The calculation of the prorated share of departmental administration shall exclude tort payments, costs of legal services associated with those payments, and central administrative services.


The department shall attempt to keep its cost of project development, as defined in subdivision (b), from exceeding 20 percent of the value of state transportation improvement program projects, including right-of-way costs, awarded during the previous fiscal year, except for those projects where the department has provided design oversight only or has not been the responsible agency for project design.
The average cost of project delivery for the three previous fiscal years shall not exceed the 20 percent target.


On or before June 1 of each year, the Legislative Analyst shall assess the department’s costs of project development.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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