CA Gov't Code Section 14522.1


(1)The commission, in consultation with the department and the State Air Resources Board, shall maintain guidelines for travel demand models used in the development of regional transportation plans by federally designated metropolitan planning organizations.


Any revision of the guidelines shall include the formation of an advisory committee that shall include representatives of the metropolitan planning organizations, the department, organizations knowledgeable in the creation and use of travel demand models, local governments, and organizations concerned with the impacts of transportation investments on communities and the environment. Before amending the guidelines, the commission shall hold two workshops on the guidelines, one in northern California and one in southern California. The workshops shall be incorporated into regular commission meetings.


The guidelines shall, at a minimum and to the extent practicable, taking into account such factors as the size and available resources of the metropolitan planning organization, account for all of the following:


The relationship between land use density and household vehicle ownership and vehicle miles traveled in a way that is consistent with statistical research.


The impact of enhanced transit service levels on household vehicle ownership and vehicle miles traveled.


Changes in travel and land development likely to result from highway or passenger rail expansion.


Mode splitting that allocates trips between automobile, transit, carpool, and bicycle and pedestrian trips. If a travel demand model is unable to forecast bicycle and pedestrian trips, another means may be used to estimate those trips.


Speed and frequency, days, and hours of operation of transit service.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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