CA Gov't Code Section 14031.8


The Secretary of Transportation shall establish, through an annual budget process, the level of state funding available for the operation of intercity passenger rail service in each corridor.


Where applicable, operating funds shall be allocated by the secretary to the joint powers board in accordance with an interagency transfer agreement that includes mutually agreed-upon rail services. Funds for the administration and marketing of services, as appropriate, shall also be transferred by the secretary to the joint powers board, subject to the terms of the interagency agreement.


The joint powers board or local or regional entities may augment state-provided resources to expand intercity passenger rail services, or to address funding shortfalls in achieving agreed-upon performance standards. The joint powers board or local or regional agencies may, but shall not be required to, identify and secure new supplemental sources of funding for the purpose of expanding or maintaining intercity rail passenger service levels, which may include state and federal intercity rail resources. Local resources may be available to offset any redirection, elimination, reduction, or reclassification by the state of state resources for operating intercity passenger rail services identified in subdivision (b) only if the local resources are dedicated by a vote of the local agency providing funds, with the concurrence of the joint powers board.


The department may provide any support services as may be mutually agreed upon by the joint powers board and the department.


Operating costs shall be controlled by dealing with, at a minimum, the Amtrak cost allocation formula and the ability to contract out to Amtrak or other rail operators as a part of federal legislation dealing with Amtrak reauthorization.


(1)Not later than June 30, 2014, the secretary shall establish a set of uniform performance standards for all corridors and operators to control cost and improve efficiency.


To the extent necessary, as determined by the secretary, performance standards may be modified not later than July 30, 2015, or the effective date of the interagency transfer agreement, whichever comes first.


Feeder bus services that provide connections for intercity rail passengers shall not be terminated unless the bus services fail to meet the cost-effectiveness standard described in paragraph (3) of subdivision (a) of Section 14035.2.
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