CA Gov't Code Section 13995.64


Each assessed business is entitled to a weighted vote in each referendum. In calculating weighted votes, each assessed business receives a vote equal to the relative assessment paid by that business. An assessed business paying nine hundred dollars ($900) in annual assessments has three times the weighted vote of a business paying three hundred dollars ($300). Weighted votes are used to determine all issues on the referendum. The initial referendum, and any referendum item to terminate the commission, must be approved by a majority of the weighted votes cast at the referendum. The amount of assessment and selection of commissioners is determined by the most weighted votes, whether or not there is a majority.


For purposes of voting in any referendum, each assessed business is part of one industry category and one industry segment, and for voting purposes only, a business with revenue in more than one industry category or industry segment shall only be included in the category and segment in which it earns the most gross revenue.


Each assessed business is eligible to vote for each item on the referendum, except that an assessed business can only vote for commissioners representing its industry category, and industry segment formulae for its industry segment.


A business is not eligible to vote unless it has paid all assessments and fines outstanding as of a date established by the director.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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