CA Gov't Code Section 13995.60


As used in this article and Article 7 (commencing with Section 13995.65), “assessment level” means the estimated gross dollar amount received by assessment from all assessed businesses on an annual basis, and “assessment formula” means the allocation method used within each industry segment (for example, percentage of gross revenue or percentage of transaction charges).


Commencing on January 1, 2003, a referendum shall be called every two years, and the commission, by adopted resolution, shall determine the slate of individuals who will run for commissioner. The resolution shall also cover, but not be limited to, the proposed assessment level for each industry category, based upon specified assessment formulae, together with necessary information to enable each assessed business to determine what its individual assessment would be. Commencing with the referendum held in 2007 and every six years thereafter, the resolution shall also cover the termination or continuation of the commission. The resolution may also include an amended industry segment allocation formula and the percentage allocation of assessments between industry categories and segments. The commission may specify in the resolution that a special, lower assessment rate that was set pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 13995.30 for a particular business will no longer apply due to changes in the unique circumstance that originally justified the lower rate. The resolution may include up to three possible assessment levels for each industry category, from which the assessed businesses will select one assessment level for each industry category by plurality weighted vote.


The commission shall deliver to the director the resolution described in subdivision (b). The director shall call a referendum containing the information required by subdivision (b) plus any additional matters complying with the procedures of subdivision (b) of Section 13995.62.


When the director calls a referendum, all assessed businesses shall be sent a ballot for the referendum. Every ballot that the secretary receives by the ballot deadline shall be counted, utilizing the weighted formula adopted initially by the selection committee, and subsequently amended by referendum.


If the commission’s assessment level is significantly different from what was projected when the existing assessment formula was last approved by referendum, a majority of members, by weighted votes of an industry category, may petition for a referendum to change the assessment formula applicable to that industry category.


If the referendum includes more than one possible assessment rate for each industry category, the rate with the plurality of weighted votes within a category shall be adopted.


Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, if the commission delivers to the director a resolution pertaining to any matter described in subdivision (b), the director shall call a referendum at a time or times other than as specified in this section. Each referendum shall contain only those matters contained in the resolution.


Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, the director shall identify, to the extent reasonably feasible, those businesses that would become newly assessed due to a change in category, segment, threshold, or exemption status sought via referendum, and provide those businesses the opportunity to vote in that referendum.
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