Section 12989.2

In a civil action brought under Section 12981 or 12989.1, if the court finds that a discriminatory housing practice has occurred or is about to occur, the court may award the plaintiff actual and punitive damages and may grant other relief, including the issuance of a temporary or permanent injunction, or temporary restraining order, or other order, as it deems appropriate to prevent any defendant from engaging in or continuing to engage in an unlawful practice. In a civil action brought under this section, the court may, at its discretion, award the prevailing party, including the department, reasonable attorneys fees and costs, including expert witness fees, against any party other than the state. If the court finds that the defendant has engaged in an unlawful practice under this part and is liable for actual or punitive damages any amount due to the defendant by a state agency may be offset to satisfy the courts final order or decision.
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Dec. 5, 2016