CA Gov't Code Section 12964

Any agreement entered into by conference, conciliation, persuasion, or other dispute resolution shall be reduced to writing, signed by all parties, and, where the department is a signatory, approved by the director or the authorized representative of the director. Within one year of the effective date of every agreement signed by the department, the department shall conduct a compliance review to determine whether the agreement has been fully obeyed and implemented. Whenever the department believes, on the basis of evidence presented to it, that any person is violating or about to violate any agreement, the department may bring an action in the superior court against the person to enjoin him or her from continuing or engaging in the violation, or from doing anything in furtherance of the violation. In the action an order or judgment may be entered awarding a temporary restraining order or a preliminary or final injunction as may be proper. The action may be brought in any county in which actions may be brought under subdivision (a) of Section 12965. In resolving allegedly unlawful practices through conciliation the resolutions may be in the nature of, but are not limited to, types of remedies that might be ordered after in a civil action.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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