CA Gov't Code Section 12956.2


A person who holds an ownership interest of record in property that he or she believes is the subject of an unlawfully restrictive covenant in violation of subdivision (l) of Section 12955 may record a document titled Restrictive Covenant Modification. The county recorder may choose to waive the fee prescribed for recording and indexing instruments pursuant to Section 27361 in the case of the modification document provided for in this section. The modification document shall include a complete copy of the original document containing the unlawfully restrictive language with the unlawfully restrictive language stricken.


Before recording the modification document, the county recorder shall submit the modification document and the original document to the county counsel who shall determine whether the original document contains an unlawful restriction based on race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, familial status, marital status, disability, national origin, source of income as defined in subdivision (p) of Section 12955, or ancestry. The county counsel shall return the documents and inform the county recorder of its determination. The county recorder shall refuse to record the modification document if the county counsel finds that the original document does not contain an unlawful restriction as specified in this paragraph.


The modification document shall be indexed in the same manner as the original document being modified. It shall contain a recording reference to the original document in the form of a book and page or instrument number, and date of the recording.


Subject to covenants, conditions, and restrictions that were recorded after the recording of the original document that contains the unlawfully restrictive language and subject to covenants, conditions, and restrictions that will be recorded after the Restrictive Covenant Modification, the restrictions in the Restrictive Covenant Modification, once recorded, are the only restrictions having effect on the property. The effective date of the terms and conditions of the modification document shall be the same as the effective date of the original document.


The county recorder shall make available to the public Restrictive Covenant Modification forms.


If the holder of an ownership interest of record in property causes to be recorded a modified document pursuant to this section that contains modifications not authorized by this section, the county recorder shall not incur liability for recording the document. The liability that may result from the unauthorized recordation is the sole responsibility of the holder of the ownership interest of record who caused the modified recordation.


This section does not apply to persons holding an ownership interest in property that is part of a common interest development as defined in Section 4100 or 6534 of the Civil Code if the board of directors of that common interest development is subject to the requirements of subdivision (b) of Section 4225 or of subdivision (b) of Section 6606 of the Civil Code.
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