CA Gov't Code Section 12429

The Controller may, with the approval of the Department of Finance, seek recovery from the federal government of Social Security contribution overpayments made with regard to the compensation of employees who were on approved leaves of absence on account of sickness, in accordance with federal law. The program shall be conducted by the Controller on behalf of the state and its departments and agencies, including the California State University. The activities may also be conducted by and for the University of California. This program shall be self supporting from recovered funds. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 13340, there is hereby appropriated to the Controller from the recovered funds: (a) an amount sufficient to pay the reasonable costs, including contractual services, as approved by the Department of Finance, of the Controller in administering this program; (b) the amount of any recovered overpayments of employee contributions, for refund to the employees; (c) the amount of the balance of the recovered funds after application of subdivisions (a) and (b), for deposit in the respective funds from which they were originally derived. A private vendor may be utilized in the execution of the program and on such terms and conditions as are acceptable to the Department of Finance and the Controller. The Controller may establish an OASDI Refund Account in the Payroll Revolving Fund for receipt of related funds and for payment of costs. Any recovery of OASDI funds may be reflected in a credit or credits granted by the Social Security Administration against current employer and employee contributions, in which case, an amount equivalent to the credit or credits shall be transferred from the moneys in the Payroll Revolving Fund to the OASDI Refund Account.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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