CA Gov't Code Section 12419.5

The Controller may, in his or her discretion, offset any amount due a state agency from a person or entity, against any amount owing that person or entity by any state agency. The Controller may deduct from the claim, and draw his or her warrants for the amounts offset in favor of the respective state agencies to which due, and, for any balance, in favor of the claimant. Whenever insufficient to offset all amounts due state agencies, the amount available shall be applied in such manner as the Controller, in his or her discretion, shall determine. If, in the discretion of the Controller, the person or entity refuses or neglects to file his or her claim within a reasonable time, the head of the state agency owing the amount shall file the claim on behalf of that person or entity. If approved by the Controller, the claim shall have the same force and effect as though filed by that person or entity. The amount due any person or entity from the state or any agency thereof is the net amount otherwise owing that person or entity after any offset as provided in this section. For purposes of this section, an amount owing to a person or entity by any state agency shall include any tax refund. This section shall not apply to payment of on-line game prizes of ninty-nine dollars ($99) or lower by California State Lottery Retailers pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 8880.32.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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