CA Gov't Code Section 12419.12


(1)The Controller shall, to the extent feasible, offset any amount overdue and unpaid for a bridge toll or a high-occupancy toll lane fee and any interest, fine, penalty, bail, collection fee, or other charge on account of nonpayment of the bridge toll or high-occupancy toll lane fee as and when due to a government entity entitled thereto, from a person or entity, against any amount owing the person or entity by a state agency on a claim for a refund from the Franchise Tax Board under the Personal Income Tax Law or the Bank and Corporation Tax Law or from winnings in the California State Lottery. Standards and procedures for submission of requests for offsets shall be as prescribed by the Controller. The government entity shall rank with cities and counties in the priority of agency offset requests if insufficient funds are available to satisfy all offset requests.


Any request for an offset pursuant to this section shall be submitted within three years of the date the bridge toll or high-occupancy toll lane fee was due.


The Controller shall deduct and retain from any amount so offset an amount sufficient to reimburse the Controller, the Franchise Tax Board, the California State Lottery, and the Department of Motor Vehicles for their administrative costs of processing the offset payment.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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