CA Gov't Code Section 12419.11


The Labor Commissioner shall submit a request to the Controller to offset amounts due from a person or entity as the result of any judgment issued pursuant to Section 98.2 of the Labor Code that is not satisfied within 90 days of the issuance of a final judgment. The Controller shall, to the extent feasible, offset the unpaid amount of the judgment against any amount owing the person or entity on a claim for refund from the Franchise Tax Board under the Personal Income Tax Law or the Bank and Corporation Tax Law, on a claim for refund from the State Board of Equalization under the Sales and Use Tax Law, or from winnings in the California State Lottery. Standards and procedures for submission of requests for offsets shall be as prescribed by the Controller. Whenever insufficient funds are available to satisfy an offset request, the Controller, after first applying the amounts available to any amount due a state agency, may allocate the balance among any other requests for offset.


At the time a judgment becomes final, corporations against whom a claim is filed shall be required to provide the Labor Commissioner with the corporation’s identification number issued by the Secretary of State, and an individual against whom a claim is filed shall be required to provide his or her Social Security number.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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