CA Gov't Code Section 12178.1


Except for copies of documents on file prepared pursuant to Section 12182, the fee for preparing a copy of any law, resolution, record, or other document on file in the office of the Secretary of State, is one dollar ($1) for the first page, and fifty cents ($0.50) for each additional page.


Except for copies of documents on file prepared pursuant to subdivision (a), the Secretary of State shall provide compilations, indexes, extracts, or summaries of information, including computer information, contained in the public records of the Secretary of State at a charge sufficient to recover costs. Except where a fee or charge is prescribed by statute, the fee or charge imposed pursuant to this subdivision shall not exceed ten dollars ($10) per inquiry.


The Secretary of State may enter into contracts to provide information and copies and access to information, including direct access to computer information. The contracts may include reasonable conditions for access to information. The amounts payable pursuant to these contracts shall be sufficient to recover costs.


The Secretary of State may require persons and firms regularly using the research facilities of the Secretary of State to use those research facilities only pursuant to a contract under subdivision (c).


All fees, reimbursements, and contract amounts pursuant to this section shall be accounted as Secretary of State expenditure reimbursements.


Fees for special handling pursuant to Section 12182 are in addition to amounts pursuant to this section.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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