CA Gov't Code Section 12099.3


The office shall issue a request for proposals for the California Innovation Hub Program.


An applicant’s proposal shall include, but shall not be limited to, all of the following information:


A statement of purpose.


A signed statement of cooperation and a description of the roles and relationships of each entity involved in the iHub partnership.


A designated iHub coordinator.


A clear explanation and map conveying the iHub’s physical boundary.


A clearly stated designee to coordinate iHub activities.


A clearly identified central location.


Clearly identified benchmarks or milestones with approximate dates as to when they will be achieved.


A complete budget including a description of secured funds with proof, pending funds, and potential future funding sources.


A list and brief description of local and regional incentives and support programs.


A clearly articulated commercial market focus and plan.


A clearly articulated iHub management structure and plan that may include a description of the capabilities, qualifications, and experience of the proposed management team, team leaders, or key personnel who are critical to achieving the proposed objectives.


A list of iHub assets and resources.


A clearly articulated focus area of the iHub including industry sectors or other targeted areas for development and growth.


A list of specific resources available to support and guide startup companies.


A clearly articulated list of goals to be achieved with the certification of the iHub.


Expectations for job development and business creation.


Defined performance standards agreed upon by the partners involved in the development of the iHub.


Evaluation procedures that will be used to measure the level of achievement for each stated goal.


A plan for sustainability.


Organizational experience including capabilities, related experience, facilities, techniques, unusual resources, or unique combinations of these that are integral factors for achieving the proposed objectives.


Demonstrated experience with innovation programs such as involvement with technology commercialization.


Demonstrated experience with technology transfer or licensing.


Demonstrated experience with intellectual property management.


Evidence of community engagement and support.


The office may waive any of the requirements listed in subdivision (b).


The office may designate an iHub for a term of not more than five years. An iHub may reapply for a designation without limitation on the number of times.


(1)The iHub designation shall not be official until a memorandum of understanding is entered into by the applicant and the office. The memorandum of understanding shall include the goals and performance standards identified in the application and other related requirements as determined by the office.


For an iHub designated by the office before January 1, 2014, the iHub partnership shall have until September 1, 2014, to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the office that meets the requirements of this article.


More than one iHub may be designated in an area to the extent that there is a clear distinction between the focus area of each iHub.


The office shall set guidelines for approval, designation, operation, reporting, redesignation, and dedesignation of iHubs.


An iHub shall annually report to the office on its progress in meeting the goals and performance standards as described in the iHUB application and implementing memorandum of understanding with the office. The office shall annually post the information from these reports on the office Internet Web site and provide notice to the Governor and relevant policy committees of the Legislature that the information is available on the Internet Web site.
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