CA Gov't Code Section 12098.3


The Director of the Office of Small Business Advocate shall be appointed by, and shall serve at the pleasure of, the Governor.


The Governor shall appoint the employees who are needed to accomplish the purposes of this article.


The duties and functions of the advocate shall include all of the following:


Serve as the principal advocate in the state on behalf of small businesses, including, but not limited to, advisory participation in the consideration of all legislation and administrative regulations that affect small businesses, and advocacy on state policy and programs related to small businesses on disaster preparedness and recovery including providing technical assistance.


Represent the views and interests of small businesses before other state agencies whose policies and activities may affect small business.


Enlist the cooperation and assistance of public and private agencies, businesses, and other organizations in disseminating information about the programs and services provided by state government that are of benefit to small businesses, and information on how small businesses can participate in, or make use of, those programs and services.


Consult with experts and authorities in the fields of small business investment, venture capital investment, and commercial banking and other comparable financial institutions involved in the financing of business, and with individuals with regulatory, legal, economic, or financial expertise, including members of the academic community, and individuals who generally represent the public interest.


Seek the assistance and cooperation of all state agencies and departments providing services to, or affecting, small business, including the small business liaison designated pursuant to Section 14846, to ensure coordination of state efforts.


Receive and respond to complaints from small businesses concerning the actions of state agencies and the operative effects of state laws and regulations adversely affecting those businesses.


Counsel small businesses on how to resolve questions and problems concerning the relationship of small business to state government.


Maintain, publicize, and distribute an annual list of persons serving as small business ombudsmen throughout state government.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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