CA Gov't Code Section 12096.3

The office shall serve the Governor as the lead entity for economic strategy and the marketing of California on issues relating to business development, private sector investment, and economic growth. In this capacity, the office may:


Recommend to the Governor and the Legislature new state policies, programs, and actions, or amendments to existing programs, advance statewide economic goals and respond to emerging economic problems and opportunities, and ensure that all state policies and programs conform to the adopted state economic and business development goals.


Coordinate the development of policies and criteria to ensure that federal grants administered or directly expended by state government advance statewide economic goals and objectives.


Market the business and investment opportunities available in California by working in partnership with local, regional, federal, and other state public and private institutions to encourage business development and investment in the state.


Provide, including, but not limited to, all of the following:


Economic and demographic data.


Financial information to help link businesses with state and local public and private programs.


Workforce information, including, but not limited to, labor availability, training, and education programs.


Transportation and infrastructure information.


Assistance in obtaining state and local permits.


Information on tax credits and other incentives.


Permitting, siting, and other regulatory information pertinent to business operations in the state.


Establish a well-advertised telephone number, an interactive Internet Web site, and an administrative structure that effectively supports the facilitation of business development and investment in the state.


Encourage collaboration among research institutions, startup companies, local governments, venture capitalists, and economic development agencies to promote innovation.


In cooperation with the federal government, foster relationships with overseas entities to improve the state’s image as a destination for business investment and expansion.


Conduct research on the state’s business climate, including, but not limited to, research on how the state can remain on the leading edge of innovation and emerging sectors.


Support small businesses by providing information about accessing capital, complying with regulations, and supporting state initiatives that support small business.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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