CA Gov't Code Section 11547.5


On or before July 1, 2016, the Director of Technology shall transmit a report, pursuant to subdivision (b), recommending how a team of senior consulting information technology experts could be developed to serve as support for state agencies and senior project team members in state government to support their exercise of leadership, monitoring, control, and direction over information technology projects to minimize risks of those projects being completed improperly and over budget. In preparing the report, the Director of Technology shall review the California Project Management Methodology Reference Manual. The report shall be based on the review of that manual and shall also consider how a team of senior consulting advisers can assist senior executives charged with oversight of major information technology projects in terms of the challenges arising from all of the following:




Development and management of contracts.




Organizational change management.


Data conversion and migration.


Schedule development and management.


Evaluation and possible pitfalls of seeking value for taxpayers by reengineering state systems and procedures.


Risk and issue identification and management.


Interface identification and management.


Quality assurance and quality control.


Requirements definition and management.




Roll-out planning and approach.


The report shall be transmitted to the Senate Committee on Governmental Organization and the Assembly Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review, in compliance with Section 9795.


After transmitting the report pursuant to subdivision (b), the Director of Technology shall establish a unit, within the Department of Technology, of consulting information technology experts to serve as support for state agencies.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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