CA Gov't Code Section 113

The Legislature, acting through the State Lands Commission, hereby consents to the retrocession of jurisdiction by the United States over land within this state upon and subject to each and all of the following express conditions:


The United States must in writing have requested state acceptance of the retrocession, and unless there is an officer of the United States empowered by a United States statute to retrocede jurisdiction, the request shall be by the act of Congress. The retrocession may return all jurisdiction to the state or may provide for concurrent jurisdiction.


The proposed retrocession is in the best interest of the state.


A notice of the proposed retrocession has been given to the clerk for the board of supervisors of each county in which the federal lands are located at least 15 days before the proposed retrocession is considered by the State Lands Commission.


The United States has agreed to bear all costs and expenses incurred by the State Lands Commission in making the retrocession.


The acceptance of the retrocession shall be made at a publicly noticed meeting of the State Lands Commission. The determination of the State Lands Commission shall be final and the retrocession of jurisdiction accepted shall become effective when certified copies of its orders or resolutions have been recorded in the office of the county recorder of each county in which any part of the land is situated. The State Lands Commission shall keep copies of its orders or resolutions and make them available to the public upon request.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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