CA Gov't Code Section 100014


Prior to opening the California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program for enrollment, the board shall design and disseminate to employers through the Employment Development Department (EDD) an employee information packet. The packet shall include background information on the program and appropriate disclosures for employees.


The disclosure form shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following:


The benefits and risks associated with making contributions to the program.


The mechanics of how to make contributions to the program.


How to opt out of the program.


The process for withdrawal of retirement savings.


How to obtain additional information on the program.


In addition, the disclosure form shall clearly articulate the following:


Employees seeking financial advice should contact financial advisors, that employers are not in a position to provide financial advice, and that employers are not liable for decisions employees make pursuant to Section 100034.


The program is not an employer-sponsored retirement plan.


The program fund is privately insured and is not guaranteed by the State of California.


The disclosure form shall include a signature line for the employee to sign and date acknowledging that the employee has read all of the disclosures and understands their content.


The employee information packet shall also include an opt-out form for an eligible employee to note his or her decision to opt out of participation in the program. The opt-out notation shall be simple and concise and drafted in a manner that the board deems necessary to appropriately evidence the employee’s understanding that he or she is choosing not to automatically deduct earnings to save for retirement.


The employee information packet shall be made available to employers through EDD and supplied to employees at the time of hiring. All new employees shall review the packet and acknowledge having read it by signing the signature line accompanied by the date of the signature.


The employee information packet shall be supplied to existing employees when the program is initially launched for that participating employer pursuant to Section 100032 and employees shall review and sign the disclosure form at that time.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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