CA Food & Agric Code Section 77451

The powers and duties of the commission shall include, but are not limited to, all of the following:


Adopt and from time to time alter, rescind, modify, and amend bylaws, rules, regulations, and orders for carrying out this chapter, including rules for appeals from any bylaw, rule, regulation, or order of the commission. These actions shall not be subject to Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 11340) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code.


Administer and enforce this chapter and do and perform all acts and exercise all powers incidental to, or in connection with, or determined reasonably necessary for, proper or advisable effectuation of the purposes of this chapter.


Appoint its own officers, including a chairperson, one or more vice chairpersons, and any other officers as it determines necessary. The officers shall have the powers and duties delegated to them by the commission.


Employ a person to serve at the pleasure of the commission as president and chief executive officer of the commission, and other personnel, including legal counsel, necessary to carry out this chapter. The commission may retain a management firm or the staff from any board, commission, or committee of the state to perform the functions prescribed by this subdivision under control of the commission. If the person engages in any conduct that the director determines is not in the public interest or in violation of this chapter, the director shall notify the commission of the conduct and request that corrective, and if appropriate, disciplinary action, be taken by the commission. If the commission fails or refuses to correct the situation or to take disciplinary action satisfactory to the director, the director may suspend or discharge the person.


Fix the compensation for all employees of the commission.


Appoint committees composed of both members and nonmembers of the commission to advise the commission in carrying out this chapter.


Establish offices and incur expenses, invest funds, enter into contracts and agreements, and create liabilities and borrow funds in advance of receipt of assessments as determined necessary by the commission for the proper administration and enforcement of this chapter and the performance of its duties.


Keep accurate books, records, and accounts of all of its dealings, which books, records, and accounts shall be subject to an annual audit by an auditing firm selected by the commission with the concurrence of the director. The audit shall be made a part of an annual report to all producers, processors, and shippers of strawberries, and copies of the audit shall be submitted to the Legislature and the department. In addition, the director may, as he or she determines necessary, conduct or cause to be conducted, a fiscal and compliance audit of the commission.


Promote the sale of strawberries by advertising and any other promotional means, including cost-sharing advertising, for the purpose of maintaining and expanding present markets and creating new and larger intrastate, interstate, and foreign markets for strawberries, and to educate and instruct the public with respect to the uses, healthful properties, and nutritional value of strawberries.


Educate and instruct the wholesale and retail trade with respect to proper methods of handling and selling strawberries, make market surveys and analyses, and present facts to, and negotiate with, state, federal, and foreign agencies on matters that affect the marketing of strawberries.


Make, in the name of the commission, contracts to render service in formulating and conducting plans and programs, and any other contracts or agreements the commission determines necessary for the promotion of the sale of strawberries.


Conduct, and contract with others to conduct, scientific research, including the study, analysis, dissemination, and accumulation of information obtained from research or elsewhere, respecting cultural and production practices, and marketing and distribution of strawberries. In connection with the research, the commission shall have the power to accept contributions of, or to match, private, state, or federal funds that may be available for these purposes, and to employ or make contributions of funds to other persons or state or federal agencies conducting the research.


Collect information and publish and distribute, without charge, to producers, processors, and shippers a bulletin or other communication for dissemination of information, including, but not limited to, crop statistics relating to the strawberry industry.


Establish an assessment rate to defray operating costs of the commission.


Establish an annual budget according to accepted accounting practices. The budget shall be concurred in by the director prior to disbursement of funds, except for disbursements made pursuant to subdivision (e).


Submit to the director for his or her concurrence, an annual statement of contemplated activities authorized under this chapter, including advertising, promotion, marketing research, and production research.


Investigate and prosecute civil violations of this chapter and file complaints with appropriate law enforcement agencies or officers for suspected criminal violations of this chapter.
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