CA Food & Agric Code Section 76602

The Legislature declares that the purposes of this chapter are as follows:


Enable the salmon fishery, with the aid of the state, to develop, maintain, and expand the state, nationwide, and foreign markets for salmon and salmon products harvested, processed, manufactured, sold, or distributed in this state for human consumption, and the use and consumption of salmon and salmon products in those markets.


Enable the salmon fishery to purchase, where there are willing sellers, the allocation rights to harvest salmon, as they may exist, of other salmon user groups to provide fishermen, and thereby the salmon fishery, greater access to salmon stocks than otherwise may have been provided pursuant to a conservation, management, or allocation agreement.


In aid, but not in limitation, of the purpose in subdivision (a), authorize and enable the secretary to formulate and effectuate, directly or in cooperation with other agencies, organizations, including the Oregon Salmon Commission, and instrumentalities that are specified in this chapter, sales stimulation and consumer or other educational programs designed to increase the use and consumption of salmon and salmon products for human consumption.


Provide funds for the administration and enforcement of this chapter by mandatory fees to be collected in the manner prescribed in this chapter.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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