CA Food & Agric Code Section 64041

It is hereby declared, as a matter of legislative determination, that the provisions of this chapter are enacted in the exercise of the police power of this state for the purposes of protecting and furthering the public health and welfare. It is further declared that the dairy industry of this state is affected with a public interest, in that, among other things:


The production, processing, manufacture, and distribution of milk and other dairy products constitute a paramount industry of this state which not only provides substantial and required revenues for the state and its political subdivisions, and employment and a means of livelihood for many thousands of its population, but also furnishes essential foods that are vital to the public health and welfare.


The stabilization, maintenance, and expansion of the dairy industry of California, and of the state, nationwide, and foreign markets for its products, are necessary to assure the consuming public an adequate supply of foods which are indispensable in a proper human diet, to protect, for the state and its political subdivisions, a necessary source of tax revenue, to provide and maintain an adequate standard of living for a great segment of the population of this state, to maintain proper wage scales for those engaged in the dairy industry, and to maintain existing employment.


The essentiality of milk and other dairy products in a proper human nutrition and to the maintenance of a high level of public health is such as to require that the public be made thoroughly aware thereof, and be protected against misrepresentation and deception, by the dissemination of accurate and scientific information relative to the healthful qualities of dairy products, their various classifications and the food values and industrial and medicinal uses thereof, the methods, care and precautions necessary to their proper production, processing, manufacture, and distribution, and the necessary costs and expenses thereof, and the necessity and desirability on the part of the public of using and consuming dairy products of the highest standards of quality.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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