CA Food & Agric Code Section 62707

The formulation committee shall make recommendations to the secretary for inclusion in the pooling plan, and the secretary shall include in the pooling plan, all of the following:


The establishment of one or more pools throughout the state.


(1)The base period to be used in determining the production and class 1 usage bases of each producer directly affected by the pooling plan. The base period shall, at the producer’s option, be his or her fluid milk production and usage in the pool area during the calendar year 1967 on an average daily basis or his or her production and usage in the pool area during the last six months of 1966 on an average daily basis.


As to a producer south and east of San Gorgonio Pass, his or her production base may, at his or her option, be four times his or her production in the months of December 1966, and January and February 1967.


If a producer, during any base period, had a valid contract with a distributor, or as a member of a cooperative association had an allocation, that provided that the distributor or cooperative association was required to accept a larger amount of fluid milk from the producer than the producer actually produced during the period, on proof satisfactory to the secretary of the contract or allocation, the producer may, at his or her option, have the amount specified in the contract or allocation established as his or her production base.


The establishment of a class 1 usage for each producer, which shall be the amount of his or her production of fluid milk accounted for as class 1, and any fluid milk sold for use as class 1 to a United States military installation but that was not accounted for as class 1.


The allocation to each producer within any pool of a pool quota, which, initially, shall be 110 percent of that producer’s class 1 usage, as determined in subdivision (c).


(1)The determination of new class 1 usage and the allocation of pool quota based thereon in a manner consistent with effectuating the purposes of this chapter.


All producers who have not reached the equalization point shall share in the allocation of pool quota on the basis of a formula that gives substantial weight to each producer’s production base, but that, at the same time, allocates a larger percentage to hardship cases and low class 1 usage producers.


The allocations shall be made on the basis of each individual producer, with each cooperative association considered as a single producer. The cooperative associations of producers shall reassign any new quota to their own members subject to Section 62710.


Annually, within no more than four months after August 31 of each year, the pool quota shall be adjusted by each component to reflect any additional pool quota. Any increase in pool quota shall be determined from the amount of new class 1 and class 2 solids not fat usage that developed during the preceding annual period which exceeded the previous highest identical annual period since the 1988–89 fiscal year.
There shall be no downward adjustment of pool quota below the quota initially established pursuant to this chapter.


The establishment of production bases and pool quotas for new fluid milk producers who wish to enter the pooling plan after the effective date of the plan. The recommendations of the committee shall be reasonably equitable to both the new producers and to participating producers and consistent with effectuating the purposes of this chapter.


The transfer of production bases and pool quotas from one fluid milk producer to another under conditions so designed as to prevent abuses in the transfers and to avoid the development of excessive values for the bases and quotas.


Notwithstanding Section 62711, any provision which may be necessary to encourage the availability of market milk for those usages for that class 1 and class 2 milk is mandatory.


Any governmental agency that produces, processes, and consumes in its own facilities only its own production shall not be a pool plant. The plant shall operate outside the pool for accounting and settlement purposes unless the plant notifies the secretary of its election to participate in the pool. Any production of such a governmental agency that is transferred or diverted to a pool plant shall be classified for the purpose of settlement at the class 4a or class 4b price, whichever is lower.


Any and all other matters necessary and desirable to effectuate the provisions of this chapter.
The recommendations of the formulation committee and the pooling plan may provide exceptions from the plan’s general application for individual cases of hardship.
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