CA Food & Agric Code Section 57414


When a lien claimant receives payment for amounts secured by the lien and the lien claimant has not been providing feed or materials for a period of 30 consecutive days, the lien claimant shall, on written demand by the debtor, send the debtor a statement that he or she no longer claims a security interest under the statement, which shall be identified by date, names of parties thereto, and file number. If the affected lienholder of record fails to send such a termination statement within 10 days after proper demand therefor, he or she shall be liable to the debtor for all actual damages suffered by the debtor by reason of this failure, and, if the failure is in bad faith, for a penalty of one hundred dollars ($100).


The filing officer shall mark each termination statement with the date and time of filing and shall index the statement under the name of the debtor and under the file number of the original lien. If the filing officer has a microfilm or other photographic record of the lien and related filings, he or she may remove the originals from the files at any time after receipt of the termination statement and destroy them, or if he or she does not have the record, he or she may remove them from those files at any time after one year after receipt of the termination statement and destroy them.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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