CA Food & Agric Code Section 56351

A claim may not be made against the seller of any farm product by a licensee pursuant to this chapter, and no credit may be allowed to such licensee against another licensee or a producer of any farm product by reason of damage to or loss, dumping, or disposal of any farm product which is sold to such licensee, in any payment, accounting, or settlement which is made by the licensee to the producer or other licensee, unless the licensee has secured and is in possession of a certificate issued by a county agricultural commissioner, a county health officer, the director, a duly authorized officer of the State Board of Health, or by some other official now or hereafter authorized by law. The certificate shall state that the farm product which is involved has been damaged, dumped, destroyed, or otherwise disposed of as unfit for human consumption or as in violation of the fruit and vegetable standards which are contained in Division 17 (commencing with Section 42501) of this code. A private third-party inspection based on the standards prescribed in the United States Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 may be substituted for such certificate if the director determines that an inspection certificate cannot be reasonably obtained. Where the director determines that neither an inspection certificate nor a private third-party inspection can be reasonably obtained, the signed statement of two or more disinterested or otherwise independent parties who have sufficient knowledge acquired through education or experience to evaluate the farm product involved may be used to describe the type and extent of the quality and condition factors present upon inspection.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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