CA Food & Agric Code Section 56182.6


If the Secretary of State suspends the corporate status of any licensee or if the corporate status is forfeited, the license is revoked by operation of law. The former licensee shall provide written notice of the suspension or forfeiture to the director, and to each person with whom it has a farm product contract, within 15 days of the date the Secretary of State mails the notice of suspension or forfeiture.


The former licensee, may, upon a showing of no substantial change in financial resources and liabilities, and within 90 days of the suspension or forfeiture of corporate status, petition the director for an order to reissue its license formerly held under this chapter. If the corporate status has been reinstated by the Secretary of State, the director may reissue the license if the director finds that doing so would be consistent with the purposes of this chapter. As a condition to reissuing the license, the director may (1) require the former licensee to undertake such financial guarantees, including the filing and maintaining of bonds, as the director deems necessary to protect the interests of contracting parties and (2) impose other conditions on the license that are consistent with the purposes of this chapter as the director deems appropriate.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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