CA Food & Agric Code Section 5350


The director shall establish a program for the inspection of conveyances entering California through airport and maritime facilities to prevent the introduction into, or the spread within, this state of pests.


The director shall maintain plant quarantine inspection stations at points of entry at airports and marine terminals pursuant to Section 5341.


The director shall establish a program for the dissemination of information at airports and marine terminals in order to provide the users of the facilities information regarding the pest control and quarantine requirements of this state.


The director may authorize the inspection and certification of conveyances outside the state if the director finds that the inspection and certification meets the standards established for in-state inspection and certification programs and, for that purpose, may enter into any agreements necessary with any other state or the federal government. The director may provide that conveyances inspected and certified pursuant to this subdivision are not required to be inspected at California airports or marine terminals.


The functions of this section shall be performed by the Division of Plant Industry, Pest Exclusion Branch, of the department, and the duties shall be performed by plant quarantine officers.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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