CA Food & Agric Code Section 4101.3


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the California Science Center is hereby authorized to enter into a site lease with the California Science Center Foundation, a California Nonprofit Corporation, with the approval of the Natural Resources Agency, the Department of Finance, and the Department of General Services, for the purpose of the foundation developing, constructing, equipping, furnishing, and funding the project known as Phase II of the California Science Center. The overall construction cost and scope shall be consistent with the amount authorized in the Budget Act of 2002, provided that nothing in this section shall prevent the foundation from expending additional nonstate funds to complete Phase II provided that the additional expenditures do not result in additional state operation and maintenance costs. Any additional expenditure of nonstate funds by the foundation shall not increase the state’s contribution.


For the purpose of carrying out subdivision (a), all of the following shall apply:


In connection with the development described in subdivision (a), above, the foundation may, in its determination, select the most qualified construction manager/general contractor to oversee and manage the work and prepare the competitive bid packages for all major subcontractors to be engaged in the construction of Phase II Project. Any construction manager/general contractor selected shall be required to have a California general contractor’s license.


Prior to commencement of construction of the Phase II Project, the California Science Center shall enter into a lease-purchase agreement upon approval by the Department of Finance with the foundation on terms that are compatible with the Phase I Project financing. The term of the lease-purchase agreement shall be a term not to exceed 25 years. Lease payments on behalf of the state shall be commensurate with the twenty-two million nine hundred forty-five thousand two hundred sixty-three dollars ($22,945,263), (nineteen million one hundred thirty-seven thousand dollars ($19,137,000) plus 19.9 percent augmentation authority) construction cost allocation of the state. Lease payments may also include any cost of financing that the foundation may incur related to tax-exempt financing. The California Science Center shall be authorized to direct the Controller to send the rental payments under the lease-purchase agreement directly to the foundation’s bond trustee.


The foundation shall ensure that the Phase II Project is inspected during construction by the state in the manner consistent with state infrastructure projects. The foundation shall also indemnify and defend and save harmless the Department of General Services for any and all claims and losses accruing and resulting from or arising out of the foundation’s use of the state’s plans and specifications. The foundation and the California Science Center, upon consultation with the Director of General Services and the Department of Finance shall agree on a reasonable level of state oversight throughout the construction of the Phase II Project in order to assist the foundation in the completion of the project within the intended scope and cost.


At the end of the term of the site lease and the lease-purchase agreement unencumbered title to the land and improvements shall return to the state with jurisdiction held by the California Science Center.
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