CA Food & Agric Code Section 24

It is hereby declared, as a matter of legislative determination, that the provisions of this section are enacted in the exercise of the power of this state for the purpose of protecting and furthering the public health and welfare. It is further declared that the floriculture and nursery industry of this state is affected with a public interest, in that, among other things:


The production, processing, manufacture, and distribution of floriculture and nursery products constitute a paramount industry of this state which not only provides substantial and required revenues for the state and its political subdivisions by tax revenues and other means, and employment and a means of livelihood for many thousands of its population, but also furnishes substantial employment to related industries that are vital to the public health and welfare.


Basic research and development for floriculture and the nursery industries contribute substantially to food production in this state which is essential to the welfare and health of its citizens. It is also declared that the elimination of disorderly marketing of California floricultural and nursery products, and the development of new and larger markets through education, promotion and other means for these products, are affected with the public interest.


All production of floriculture and nursery products in greenhouses shall be deemed equivalent to the production of floricultural products in open fields.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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