CA Food & Agric Code Section 21203

The certificate of inspection shall be signed by the inspector and shall show all of the following:


The place and date of inspection and the number of animals inspected.


The sex, the brand, if any, on each branded animal recorded in the name of the owner of the animal, or the marks and brands under which the animal was offered for inspection, and such additional marks and brands as may be required by the chief.


The sex, natural marks, and breed of unbranded animals.


If the animals are to be transported, the names of the shipper and of the consignee and the origin and destination of the shipment.


If the animals are to be transported, the length of time necessary to move the shipment between the point of inspection and the point of destination. The inspector shall determine the amount of time needed for this purpose, based upon the information provided to him at the time of inspection.
Such certificate shall only be valid for transportation purposes during the period of time specified thereon by the inspector.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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