CA Food & Agric Code Section 13127.92


Extensions of time granted pursuant to Sections 13127.3, 13127.31, and 13127.5 shall only be for the time necessary to complete the mandatory health effects studies.


Mandatory health effects studies shall be completed in accordance with the following timetable:


Forty-eight months for oncogenicity, chronic feeding, and reproduction studies.


Twenty-four months for teratogenicity and neurotoxicity studies.


Twelve months for mutagenicity studies.


A deferral of suspension of registration issued pursuant to Section 13127.5 shall be subject to an annual review by the director and shall be limited to the time necessary to complete the required studies, and shall in no case exceed four years with the time tolling from the date that the registrant petitioned for an extension.


Any extension of time for submission of the mandatory health effects studies granted pursuant to Section 13127.5 shall be canceled by June 15, 1993, and the registration suspended for the affected ingredient, if the registrant fails to initiate the required studies by June 15, 1992.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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