CA Fish & Game Code Section 8275

Unless the provision or context otherwise requires, the definitions in this section govern the construction of this article.


“Dungeness crab” or “market crab” means crab of the species Cancer magister.


“Reconstruction” means major work on the hull of a vessel to make that vessel operable in the California crab fishery if that work may reasonably be expected to be of a duration that will preclude operation of that vessel in the crab fishery for the length of the crab season or longer.


“Rock crab” means any crab of the genus Cancer other than Dungeness crab and includes rock crab (Cancer antennarius), red crab (Cancer productus), and yellow crab (Cancer anthonyi).


“Under construction” means having plans and materials and proceeding with work toward the completion of an operational Dungeness crab fishing vessel.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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