CA Fish & Game Code Section 1611


An entity that submits a timber harvesting plan in accordance with Section 4581 of the Public Resources Code or directly to the department is deemed to have given the notification required by Section 1602, as long as the following information is included in the plan:


The volume, type, and equipment to be used in removing or displacing any one or combination of soil, sand, gravel, or boulders.


The volume of water, intended use, and equipment to be used in any water diversion or impoundment, if applicable.


The equipment to be used in road or bridge construction.


The type and density of vegetation to be affected and an estimate of the area involved.


A diagram or sketch of the location of the operation that clearly indicates the stream or other water and access from a named public road. Locked gates shall be indicated and the compass direction shall be shown.


A description of the period of time in which operations will be carried out.


Notwithstanding subdivision (a), the department is not required to determine whether the notification is complete or otherwise process the notification until the timber harvesting plan and the proper notification fee have both been received by the department.


Nothing in this section requires the department to issue an agreement fewer than 60 days from the date the notification is complete.


The date on which the term of an agreement issued pursuant to this section begins shall be the date timber operations first commence, unless the agreement specifies a later beginning date.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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