CA Fish & Game Code Section 1391

Grants to nonprofit organizations pursuant to Section 1390 for the acquisition of real property or interests therein shall be subject to all of the following conditions:


The purchase price of any interest in real property acquired by the nonprofit organization may not exceed fair market value as established by an appraisal approved by the Wildlife Conservation Board.


The Wildlife Conservation Board approves the terms under which the interest in real property is acquired.


The interest in real property acquired pursuant to a grant from the Wildlife Conservation Board may not be used as security for any debt to be incurred by the nonprofit organization unless the board approves the transaction.


The transfer of real property acquired pursuant to a grant shall be subject to the approval of the Wildlife Conservation Board and the execution of an agreement between the board and the transferee sufficient to protect the interest of the State of California.


The state shall have a right of entry and power of termination in and over all interests in real property acquired with state funds, which may be exercised if any essential term or condition of the grant is violated.


If the existence of the nonprofit organization is terminated for any reason, title to all interest in real property acquired with state funds shall immediately vest in the state. However, prior to that termination, upon approval of the board, another public agency or nonprofit organization may receive title to all or a portion of that interest in real property by recording its acceptance of title in writing. Any deed or other instrument of conveyance whereby real property is being acquired by a nonprofit organization pursuant to this section shall be recorded and shall set forth the executory interest or right of entry on the part of the state.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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