CA Fish & Game Code Section 12015


It is the intent of the Legislature that expeditious cleanup is the primary interest of the people of the State of California in order to protect the people and the environment of the state.


In addition to any other penalty, anyone responsible for polluting, contaminating, or obstructing waters of this state, or depositing or discharging materials threatening to pollute, contaminate, or obstruct waters of this state, to the detriment of fish, plant, bird, or animal life in those waters, shall be required to remove any substance placed in the waters, or to remove any material threatening to pollute, contaminate, or obstruct waters of this state, which can be removed, that caused the prohibited condition, or to pay the costs of the removal by the department.


Prior to taking any action committing the use of state funds pursuant to this section or Section 5655, the department shall first make a reasonable effort to have the person responsible, when that person is known and readily available, remove, or agree to pay for the removal of, the substance causing the prohibited condition, if the responsible person acts expeditiously and does not cause the prohibited condition to be prolonged to the detriment of fish, plant, animal, or bird life in the affected waters. When the responsible party is unknown or is not providing adequate and timely cleanup, the emergency reserve account of the Toxic Substances Control Account in the General Fund shall be used to provide funding for the cleanup pursuant to Section 25354 of the Health and Safety Code. When those or other funds are not available, moneys in the Fish and Wildlife Pollution Account shall be available, in accordance with subdivision (b) of Section 12017, for funding the cleanup expenses.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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